Small Business

A Knowledgeable Business Attorney in Seattle, WA

Are you starting a new company? Acquiring or selling a business? Embroiled in a claim dispute or collection issue? The Clausen Law Firm has the business law experience and resources you need to build and run a successful enterprise.

We have formed more than 50 businesses representing the construction, real estate, retail, fitness, high-tech, architecture and fragrance industries. CLF serves as the general counsel for many of these and other businesses throughout Washington where we provide legal advice and services on an ongoing basis.

Our business attorney in Seattle, WA, can help your business overcome obstacles and protect your interests in a variety of day-to-day business issues. These include drafting contracts, reviewing leases, making acquisitions, settling disputes and pursuing collections. Let us help your business grow and thrive with our expert legal guidance and representation.

Small Business Law Services

Business Formation

We help clients form Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), corporations, subchapter (S) corporations, joint venture agreements and partnerships. Our experience in construction and real estate informs our advice to clients on business formation issues.

Computers and Technology

We have represented both small technology companies and major corporations in technology-related litigation. We are familiar with corporate control, purchase and sale agreements and trade practice issues related to technology companies.

If you need a business attorney in Seattle, WA, turn to us

Employment Law

Clausen Law Firm has extensive experience in advising small to mid-size businesses on employment law issues. Our employment attorney has a specific interest in contracts of upper-level management employees and part owners (related to compensation, non-compete agreements, and wrongful termination) and wage and hour issues.

Collection, Judgments and Bankruptcy

Our business attorney has developed extensive experience in the collection of claims and enforcement of judgments, including representation of clients with claims in bankruptcy. We have also drafted and collected on scores of garnishments, executions and foreclosure procedures. Contact our small business attorney for more information.

Why You Should Retain a Small Business Lawyer

As a small business owner, you simply do not have the time or experience to deal with the complications of business law. It’s important to use a qualified small business law firm that focuses its expertise in this area. Even if you do not need litigation, a lawyer is necessary to ensure you follow the proper procedures and file the right documentation in all legal matters.

If you’re wondering, “Where can I get a small business lawyer?” you’ve come to the right place. Choose our team when you need business legal services. In addition to our years of experience in this specialty area, you’ll find that we provide customized services and are very responsive to you. We develop a strategy that is tailored to your company’s specific needs. Schedule a free in-person meeting or phone consultation with one of our partners today.

The Importance of Using a Small Business Lawyer

Let us help you be a successful business owner. At one point or another in your business, you will need a lawyer to assist you with legal issues. Whether it involves day-to-day legal concerns or serious business disputes, you can rely on the legal team to help you skillfully navigate any issue. We are accomplished, reputable, and personable attorneys that provide the expert attention you need.

Contact us if you need legal services for employment issues. We proudly serve clients throughout Seattle, WA.