Hire a Skilled Construction Attorney in Seattle, WA

When you require a construction attorney in Seattle, WA, look no further than the Clausen Law Firm. Start and finish your building project on schedule with construction law representation from Clausen Law Firm. Construction law is a niche area with many complexities, but our decades of experience allow us to simplify and successfully resolve thorny issues and disputes. The Clausen Law Firm acts as a partner to owners, developers, contractors, and tradespeople to help them successfully build their projects.

By hiring an experienced lawyer for contractors, you are protecting yourself with airtight contracts and proactive legal advice. If disputes do arise, we can help you handle them without jeopardizing the project.

Our goal is to protect your business and ensure the successful completion of your construction project. As lawyers for contractors and subcontractors, we provide comprehensive legal support to defend your livelihood. Since 1993, we have represented numerous individual and corporate clients in a broad range of matters. From personal injury to litigation, our areas of practice cover everything that could potentially affect your business. Please don’t hesitate to consult with us when you need to speak with an attorney about a building contract or about any of our other services.

When Do You Need A Construction Litigation Lawyer?

In a perfect world, your construction project would proceed without incident. It is possible to start a build and complete it without a construction litigation lawyer. However, sometimes the process does not go to plan, and you find yourself in need of legal advice regarding finances, contracts, expenses, accidents, or equipment. Our construction attorney service can assess your circumstances and provide the advice you require to continue working, settle a dispute, or finish a project. We’re your construction industry professionals and are happy to help you navigate the system.

Typically, a contractor will need a construction litigation lawyer when the project is not proceeding according to the terms. Whether the build is large or small, we will review the agreed-upon conditions, speak to relevant parties, and address your concerns. Although no contractor hopes for the worst, it’s best to talk to a construction litigation lawyer to ensure your rights and reputation are protected by sound legal advice.

Call us if you experience problems getting paid, budget overruns, concerns about the property, subcontractor issues, an on-the-job accident, or insurance claim delays. We know construction and can provide advice to get you through.

Construction Attorney Services Tailored To You

As our client, you receive individualized attention to ensure the optimal outcome for your case. Our firm provides you with the detailed advice you need in order to make informed decisions. While the law can often seem convoluted, we are committed to maintaining open communication with you and making sure you understand the applicable laws and your options for moving forward.

At our firm, we welcome the opportunity to serve you and help you work toward the success of your project. Our trusted lawyers are the ones you can count on to review your building contract, your insurance claim, and much more. To learn more about our services, call our office.

Areas of Focus

Clausen Law Firm has handled more than $100 million in construction claims. Our clients benefit from our experience with a wide range of construction projects, including the following:

• Custom Residential
• Shopping Centers/Retail
• Warehouse/Industrial
• Medical/Dental
• Public Works
• Restaurants
• General Commercial
• Apartment/Condominiums

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the construction industry and our commitment to keeping that knowledge up-to-date. Clausen Law is an active member of the Associated Builders and Contractors trade association. Contact us when you need a dependable construction attorney for construction law services.

When you need a dependable construction attorney in Seattle, WA, contact us

Construction Law Services

Contract Drafting

Drafting construction contracts is one of our primary duties. We prepare, revise, and interpret complex construction and design-build contracts, as well as joint-venture, partnership, and LLC agreements for significant development and construction projects in Washington State. We can also draft simple, easy-to-read agreements for smaller contracts and sub-contracts. Our creative drafting and risk-avoidance strategies help clients address contingencies that can arise before and during construction.

Claims and Litigation

CLF's construction defect lawyer has handled dozens of multimillion-dollar lawsuits for construction defect issues on both commercial and residential projects, as well as multiparty contract disputes among owners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Contact us when you need a contract dispute lawyer. We are intimately familiar with insurance coverage and construction issues that dominate these cases.

Liens and Collections

CLF represents owners, general contractors, developers, and subcontractors in construction lien, collection, and foreclosure actions. We have prepared and recorded hundreds of liens, from simple two-party disputes to multimillion-dollar disputes involving dozens of parties. We help clients protect and pursue lien rights and avoid losing money or paying unnecessary claims. Our experience in collecting unpaid debts further ensures that you get paid what you are owed.

Registration and Bonding

Performing construction work in Washington is illegal without proper bonding and registration. Our construction attorney can work with any construction business to ensure the requirements are met and maintained, so they can continue working in Washington State. We also help subcontractors and suppliers collect on unpaid claims within applicable bond or insurance limitations.